Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

I have received numerous E-mails from some of my followers with my blog and wondering where my next "Rock Head" is.   First of all I want to Thank everyone on wondering where my friends and I have gone.
Well, I will tell you all a little secret, back in July of this year we started a big project of putting a new house on our acreage with a walkout basement.  Most of you all know we adopted 3 of our little grandkids and my Mom has been living by herself since we lost my Dad 3 years ago today.  So Mom sold her home and is now living with us.  So my husband, Mom and I decided it was best if she moved in.  So as my husband calls it the "Mother in-Law Suite".  We put the walkout basement in so she wouldn't feel closed in with her little dog.  The work began, and Uncle Harvey has helped along the way,and so has Benny and this next year you will be meeting a couple of insulator buddies that run The Country Home Planner.    I am hoping they will be able to help Mom with her planning of the Suite out. 

Now with the help of Santa and his Elves, Mrs. Clause has even brought a meal to us we have been putting in long hours,painting,cleaning,sewing curtains and getting the kids rooms together, Santa asked for our help.  Well, I thought I could help, boy am I learning quick I am no spring chicken!  But Santa asked and we wanted to help him out, his plan is to surprise the kids Christmas morning with their new rooms!!!!!!  

The day the House was set
 It has been a hard thing not to let them go over there, you see the new house is set only about 100 to 150 yards away from the old farm house we live in now.

The second half of the front

We purchased a Pre-Fab,(Modular home) very nice and well built.  Couldn't have asked for nicer people, work men and women all the way around.

Back side the day the house was set

Boy does this picture look nice.  NO SNOW!  Now the ground is just white, but the windows are in and alot more work has been done on the inside, I bet everyone of you are very jealous though, we will have MUD in the spring, I just can't wait. 

So I have had no time for felting or anything else, but I do believe this going to be well worth it, for the whole family.  It has been amazing how everyone came  together to help us.  From the Septic being put in down to the plumbing being hooked up and the furnance.  We have had some friends along the way come by and lend a hand,  A big Thank you to all and to everyone here in Cyber- Space that wanted to make sure my "Rock Heads" are still going to be around. 
OH did I forget to mention to, that we designed part of our huge walk in closet into a workroom for me, with a window and computer hook ups and I can even hook up my T.V..  If you look at the back of house pic on your right side the last window in the top part of the house is my workroom!  I am excited to get that put together after Christmas. 
Do remember that the Country Home Planner's will be here first thing in 2011.

So everyone, Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!  Take Care and make sure to check back in January for my newest creation. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

My New Ornaments/ Snowmen

Everyone should know me by now, that I thrive on trying to needle felt on different forms.  Well awhile back I had purchased glass ornament balls to decorate.  In packing and cleaning things out to move into our new house, I found them.  A light bulb went off, or as Uncle Harvey would say I zapped with lightening. 
I decided what fun it would be to needle felt on them.  So I decided to start with Snowmen and Ladie's. 

This ball is 1.5" in diameter/ I added sparkle inside

I set the glass ball in my small vise.  My next step was I had to glue a piece of wool to the top, or it wouldn't have stayed in place.

Wool glued to top

After drying I began to felt, I then felted the rest of my Snowman or should I say Snow Lady "Miss Bea" in a very soft Merino. 

"Miss Bea" the Snow Lady She looks a little like a duck here, and boy she did not like me saying that to her.  So I quickly kept working and shaping until I was satisfied with her.

"Miss Bea"
She looks so cuddley and soft, now I dyed the purple with food dyes and Kool aide.  My 4 year old named her and of course help with the purple dying.

Well, Bea got my mind a moving, so I have made a couple of other little snowmen and they will be going up for sale with a few others, They just come to life and each have their own personality.    So I thought I would give you all a peek of my snowmwen.

Meet Pete, Bea and Toby

I took this pic this afternoon outside when it first started to snow here in Minnesota, can't complain our first storm so far this season!

Those 3 just loved the snow and tried to get Franklin the Turkey out to play , but he said no way. 

Pete showing his pipe

Mr. Toby 

Now I tried and tried to get rid of the extra pic of Pete but I just can't, it took my blog once then he was inside some of my other pic's.  So I  just left him alone, what a character, he really likes being in the lime light!

All three of these guys and some more friends this week will be listed on Ebay for sale.  I will let you all know when, I was hoping for today, but I have a sick little girl so she comes first.  So hopefully tomorrow, cause these guys are just a itching for an winter adventure.   Thanks again for stopping by everyone Take care until next time..............................

Franklin and Fred's New Friend

A couple of weeks ago my oldest daughter brought over a boy named Stanley(shhhh he is made of paper).  He was a project for a friend of her's son and he had to go traveling.  Well Amy thought cool Mom and Dad are getting the new house put in and she brought our grandson's over to watch, so along came Stanley.   Our 3 little guys thought he was just great.   So I then thought boy Fred loves to talk and Franklin will do just about anything right now so I had those 2 guys show him around and explained to him about the house, being set on the basement. Fred just sat and told Stanely tons of tall fishing stories, and the only thing Franklin could keep saying was I have been pardoned!!!!!! They then all decided that it would be cool to be friends forever, The 3 of them were so glad they had met, because friends do come in all shapes and sizes.  Stanley even got to spend the night, but had to leave the next morning after breakfast, before he returned home he had a few more stops to make.  
I thought this was a great project that a teacher had put together for her class, I am not sure what school Stanley was from or what Town, but it didn't matter my 3 little guys  and my 2 grandsons were having a great time with him, on where could Stanley go, what would he or could he do.   I will tell you all a little secret all of us adults were laughing, giggling and really having fun with Stanley too. Stanley really brought this family together for laughs, so Stanley Thank you.   My rocks also just just thought he really rocked!!!!!!  

Stanley with Franklin and Fred

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet Mr. Franklin Rock-Turkey

Here is my very first Rock Turkey and also my very first attempt at making a Double Rock Character.  Franklin was so much fun to make, here is a pic of him finished.  Now I have been told he looks like he has attitude.  Well let me tell you, he DOES!  I am not sure if that came from me pulling his head off many times to try to get it placed right, or redoing his beak, so it would open and close. 

Mr. Franklin Rock-Turkey

Ok, now that you see him, see his attitude!  Oh ya its there.  He found out last night he is going to be a guest at our daughter's house for Thanksgiving, he is so honored to be part of the centerpiece,and get a full pardon.  It has gone to his rock hard head.

Franklin's Body
Now his body was needle felted to this rock, this happenes to be an average rock,nothing special to it, but to us it is.  This rock was 1 of the many thousand that were delivered to our place for our new basement that were placed under the floor.  So the kids and I went down in the hole and picked out a few rocks for me to felt on. 

Franklin Neck and Head Rock

Franklin and his neck with head Rock

Ok, I have been asked how did I get his head rock attached, well I first of all took one of my many egg's that Kay Petal from Felt Alive (www.feltalive.com) has you make for legs (in her videos) and I have alot of egg's in my food baggie to spare. That is also what I used for his legs and then built up from there.   I then attached that to the top of his body,I then  found a smaller rock,with a good flat side and this one I felt had a bit of a beak shape to it.  I then took wool and wrapped it to the bigger piece to attach both pieces, slowly and not to thick.


Here he is, with all his rocks attached.  He stands 5.5 inches tall.  The pic's make him look quite a bit bigger,I just love those close ups, but then again my little people just love to have their pic's taken.  Look he is actually smiling here!  He was so happy here I was done pulling his head off and on.

Franklin was done with a new wool that I purchased from Patti at Dream Felt (http://www.dreamfelt.com/) I just love her wool.  I feel this Chestnut brown really helped bring him to life.  Now the back tail I dyed merino wool roving with food dyes. 
The needles I used to felt him with, were some new ones I purchased from Kay Petal at (http://www.feltalive.com/).  They are her Super Duper Double Needles.  They are the best for needling on my rocks, can't wait to try them on an insulator.  I DID NOT BREAK A SINGLE NEEDLE, felting Franklin!!!!!!  Now that was a first.  My rocks and I just love them.

Side View Franklin
Here he is, just enjoying the fall temp.'s and the afternoon breeze,he is so relaxed, knowing he will be here to meet  Santa Claus.  What a Life.

I do love this picture, a lot of  day-dreaming could go on here.

I am going to try to blog later this week on our new home we are in the process of getting done, it has just been a very busy time for us here, but so much fun. 
Please let me know what you all think of Mr. Franklin Rock-Turkey! 

To Everyone  Happy  GOBBLE, GOBBLE or as I was so reminded Franklin  says, COBBLE, COBBLE!  (you know Cobble Stone).   I love it.
Take Care until next time....................... 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Ursula The Witch

I was finally able to finish my very 1st Witch Rock Head.  Ursula really "Rocks".  My girls just love her.  Ok she measures 7" inches tall where her hat bends.  Ursula wanted light up eyes, since Jethro gets to blink all the time. 
 I knew I didn't want to use Christmas lights, so I asked my hubby.  We came up with wiring LED's to her.  Have I learned alot about wiring, probably more than I will ever use, but it was fun working together again to figure something out. 
 It has also given me some ideas on new projects.  The green wool I dyed with my 4 year old's help and then she wanted her to have a purple hat(purple is her favorite color)  so we together dyed the wool.  I was brave and let my little one mix up the Kool-Aide and add some food dye to it. 
Step 1 the "Rock"
 I will never/ever be able to come up with that color again.  Now my oldest child that is married her favorite color is purple too, so those 2 girls can fight over who gets Ursula!  But my little one also named her"Ursula".    She started out as a Rock.  I was so excited for this rock where the chin goes the rock went narrow.

Miss Ursula Finished

Here she is all finished!  I have no idea what she has planned, but Ursula can't wait for Halloween to be here.

Ursula Lit Up

Here she is with her eyes showing through, the kids just love this.  I used red LED's but they do look glowing, a red/orange.   Honestly she looks right through me!  When I am felting someone with light up eyes I light them up when I felt the eyes in, so we are constantly chit/chatting.  You should see the looks my family gives me, or they are always saying , did you need something?  Thank goodness my Rocks haven't answered me yet, or have they?

Jethro and Ursula

Just look at Jethro he really thinks that Ursula is COOL!!!!!!!  He just can't quit smiling and she is really acting witchy towards him.    I think they make a cute pair.  What do you all think? 

Both these guys have been quite fun to make, they both took me a little longer than probably they should have. 
You see Halloween is very hard on me, my only sibling (brother) passed away on that day, and it will be 22 years this year.   But over the years I have coped in many different ways, by sewing my little ones we adopted their costumes, to trick or treating with my grandsons.  I enjoy all that, because my brother lives on in each and everyone of those kids, my one grandson is named after him(what and honor). 
What I am getting at is this Needle Felting is quite a wonderful Therapy for me, this is the first year I have really seen my Mom and husband laugh over Halloween, I mean really laugh!  So doing something like Needle Felting (for me) or something you like to do, and has a tie to a hard time in your life can really help you cope with that event or push you higher and work through it, is quite a wonderful feeling.  A friend of mine, that also runs a great group for us that have adopted kids with disabilities, in her own way inspired me, to do something for me.   Thank you Kari.

Thank you Ursula and Jethro.  They will always lite up our lives.! 

Ok now back to smiles on my blog, that is what everyone comes here for, me included. 
You all remember Uncle Harvey one of my insulator buddies. 
We were at the Gas Station this past Morning and my little guy goes to his 1 sister hey look there is Mom's "Uncle Harvey".  The man had a handle bar moustache and did look some like him.  But this Mom turned red and just smiled.........................
Please let me know what you think of Ursula.   
Thanks again for reading my blog.  Stay with me, cause I have some exciting news to share with everyone soon......................... 
Take Care until next time.............

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meet Mr. Jethro O' Lantern / Needle Felted Rock

One of my Mentor's /teachers in learning to needle felt, said why don't you try a Rock O" Lantern or  light up an insulator.    That was Kay Petal  of www.feltalive.com.    So I thought about her idea, what a cool thing to do.  All I had at the time was a small string of twinkling Xmas lights, that ran on 2 AA batteries.  So here I go, the 1st step was to find my rock and then string and tape the lights to the rock. 
Step 1  taping the lights on the rock

OK now it looks like a robot monster, but I was happy with it.  So I moved on to putting core wool on to help secure the lights more.  I will tell you all a little secret I was afraid of needling a light and having break the cord. 

Step 2 adding the core wool

Now my rock looks like a furry little robot monster.  I like having the lights going while I am working on Jethro,it helps with placement.

Jethro with his first layer of orange on

The all I did was work the wool and worked the wool with the needles.  Believe me, I tore out wool and re did the eyes about 10 times before I was happy with them.  The mouth took me about 2 days, to get it the way I like it.  Now my family laughed at his nose they thought Jethro should have had a triangle nose.  Not me, if you have read my previous blogs, you would have read, I need to do the nose first and every character I do has to be able to breathe.  

Mr. Jethro O' Lantern
He turned out pretty good, and he does have a personality of his own. 
OK now he is truly one of a kind.  I dyed the wool for his orange parts with food dyes and kool aide.  The yellow I dyed with Kool aide and his stem was dyed with believe it or not, the Neon food dyes and green.    He was needle felted from a very fine Merino, almost silk feeling.  So alittle harder for me to punch.

Pictures taken at night

I went out tonight, and I am pretty proud of myself, my camera and Jethro behaved.  I got the lights twinkling.  This is so cool.  Can you believe it?  I got one pic on the left and then the right.  I have another secret to tell you all, I took 20 pictures before I ended up with these 2.  I just snapped and snapped.  I am now going to work on a witch.  I dyed the the wool today.  I am going to use red lights for her eyes, should be ghoulish.  :)))

This lightening up my Prairie Rocks has really opened me up to new ideas.  Please let me know what you think, I would love some feedback on my blog, so I know people have been reading it.  Thank you.  Take Care, and I will talk to all real soon, until next time :)))))))))))............................

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More on Benny and Mandy's Weekend

Visit my Facebook Link to see the first of Benny and Mandy's Weekend.  They came to Visit Amanda for her Birthday and decided to stay the night.  So they toured around the farm before taking off for home this afternoon.  The kids and I had alot of fun, going around and taking pictures today of the 2 of them. My little guy got mad once today and Benny started telling him all about his motorcycle adventures and boom!  he was all done screaming and I was watching him laugh.  You see our little man that we adopted is 6 years old, was diagnosed with FAS(Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).  So he can be a challenge some days, but since I have started my people, they seem to hit a cord with him and his sisters, but mostly him.  I will tell him they are smiling at him, want to give him a kiss or a rock hug.  He just can't keep from laughing.  He loves to have me make up a story about them and he listens.  He also fills in some of my blanks for me.  So I hope you enjoy my stories and if you know of anyone that might need a pick me up, have them come read my blog and see for yourself.  One thing you will always find here is everyone is SMILING!

WOW!  They got to climb up a Windmill, Mandy said the view was beautiful

Mandy and Benny Enjoying a nice fall day at the farm

                        They were able to take a hay ride around the property

Annie made them feel right at home, what a good old dog

The resident cat "Jack" even took time to visit with them

They even got to help feed the 1 of the Ducks "Matilda"

"Matilda" Just loved Mandy

Waving Bye until next their next visit

Leaving for  home "Stone Valley" MN

Mandy and Benny really enjoyed their time in Ruthton MN.  He sure was glad he reconnected with a good old friend, and got a nice tour around the farm.  I am sure Benny will be sharing his stories will all of you soon from Amanda's dad and brother in law.  Mandy is just so excited to get back to her shop and start getting all the info to Amy for the up coming open house at the Beauty Salon "Diamond in the Rough".    Until next time.......................................................

Facebook | Photos from Grandma Moose Designs

Facebook Photos from Grandma Moose Designs

Friday, September 17, 2010

Miss Diva Mandy RockWell

I am never able to get 2 done in one week, with the little guys in school I can can work in the mornings now. 
Benny wanted all of you to see and meet his new gal, Mandy Rockwell.  She is the new owner of the "Diamond in the Rough" Beauty Salon in "Stone Valley MN".     Mandy comes from "RockHead  IA". 
Benny was her first customer since opening the doors.  She is quite the Diva.  Benny is quite smitten by her, and she just thinks he is the coolest "Rock Head" around.     Her parents are quite well known in "RockHead  IA".  Her Dad is the Dr. in town and her Mother owns the only Clothing Boutique there. 
Mandy Rockwell
 Aunt Harriet is the one that thought Mandy should move up to MN but she had Fred in mind to be her guy.   Mandy just can't quit smiling when Benny is around.    Mandy is a very colorful gal and is way to high maintence for good old Fred.   So I do believe her and "Tough Guy Benny" are a good match.  She just started giggling when Benny said, "you want to go on an Adventure with me."  You can just imagine the rest of his smooth talking and STORIES.  
Benny and Mandy
So as the story goes, Mandy loves her new job as the owner of the "Diamond in the Rough" Beauty Salon and as a bonus she got a new man too.  
 Mandy will be looking for help in the Salon, you just never know who will pop up next...................................  Take care Everyone until next time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Benny" My newest Rock Head

It has been awhile for me, since my last blog.  Let me tell you my Rock Friends and Insulator Buddies are letting me know that.  I have been busy getting the little ones ready for school and helping my Mom with her house.   My time has really been spread thin.  But all these life andventures have given more ideas for my guys.  I hope to be able to do more needle Felting now,  I finally have my mornings to myself again. YAH!  YAH!

Here he is my newest Needle Felted "Rock Head" 
Benny "Tough Guy"

Benny likes to think of himself as an adventurer, he loves his Motorcycle and could just ride and ride.    He came to "Stone Valley MN" to visit his friends and good old Fred the Fisherman.  Well, Aunt Hildie seen him and her eyes just popped.  Benny stopped in at "On the Lake Bait and Tackle Shop", to get a cold drink and he had his swagger going on. 
 Well, we all know how lonely Aunt Hildie has been since Uncle Chet left.   Fred thought it would be great if Benny would help Hildie out for awhile at the bait shop. 
 He did need a job, before he he could even start out on his new Adventure or  even make it back to "RockHead IA" where he is from.   (Fred knew this, Aunt Harriet had called).
This young man Benny could really be a big help with Fall coming with all the cleaning and getting ready for the winter. 
Aunt Hildie loved the idea!! 
Oh my Benny started right in on his stories and we all thought Fred had stories. 
All of sudden Benny sees Mandy Rockwell.  She is new to town, came from "RockHead IA" .  She is the owner of the "Diamond in the Rough"  Beauty Salon in town.
Oh my he walked on over to her Salon, he started with his smooth talking.................., next thing we all knew she was giving him his new do!!!!!

Side view of Benny
You will be meeting Mandy Rockwell real soon.  She is a insulator buddy.  But I do believe we will be hearing alot more from her and Benny in the near future.  Poor Aunt Hildie ever time she gets smitten on a man, they just seem to not notice her.  So  I wonder where her mystery man is ???????????
Please let me know what you all think of Benny and my stories.  I would love feedback.  Thanks and everyone take Care until next time...........

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Uncle Harvey The insulator Man

I just finished Uncle Harvey the insulator man.    He is Aunt Harriet's Man.
He was totally needle felted on a Hemingray clear glass insulator, a very common glass insulator. 
Uncle Harvey Zippety

Ok now you have all met Aunt Harriet awhile back.
The 2 of them have ran the "Zippety/Zappity Insulator Company"  for many years now.  It was EST. 1882 in "RockHead Iowa" .  Harvey's Great Grandparents founded the business and it has been in the Zippity family since.   Of course since the ceramic insulators have taken over in most places, there is not as much a need for his glass insulators, but he does manange to stay a float, and of course there is Aunt Harriet and her group of women friends that have started to do art on the insulators, so that has helped some too.  I do believe though Aunt Harriet just likes to get together with those gals and gossip about all the folk that live in "RockHead".   They have 2 employees and I am sure you all will be meeting them soon. 

Aunt Harriet and Uncle Harvey Zippety

I sure hope you all are enjoying all their stories, I sure do get a kick out of them.   I do believe though my family does think I have gone looney tune.:))
Now I am thinking about starting to put my Characters up for sale.  I will let you all know when I do. 
Off to work on Aunt Hildie's Mystery man, she has been whining alot to me about wanting a man and having to run the Bait and Tackle shop on her own!!!!!  Of course good old Fred wants her to find a new man  or have Chet come back, because he is getting real tired of being overly nice, even though he has been enjoying some free bait and tackle.  Also Louise is getting a little frustrated with him too.   So there will be more soon.........................................................
Catch all of you real soon.  Take Care and thanks again for reading.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aunt Harriet *Update*

Aunt Harriet made the front page for the week of a group I belong to.  fun_2_felt it is a yahoo group.  Now I am not real good at figuring out links.   Search yahoo groups. (fun_2_felt), Aunt Harriet will be there.

Ok I tell you, this old gal can't stay off the phone, she has called every single person that lives in "RockHead Iowa"  and is going to print off the front page of the group (fun_2_felt)  and have it framed. 
   This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her.  By the time Aunt Harriet finishes her story,I can just imagine how far fetched it will be.  She may even think she is royalty!!!!!! 
She does want to thank everyone for their comments.  I am sure you will be hearing more from her soon.

Aunt Harriet

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Newest Addition Aunt Harriet

Ok I haven't been here for awhile.  Been quite busy with all the lawn mowing and kids.  It has been so Humid here in the Mid West I swear I need to mow everyday and the weeds.  Enough said, about all the non fun stuff we get to do on a daily basis.
The beginning of the Insulator
 Well, as you can see I am putting wool on an antique insulator.  I was mowing the other day, and in one of our many groves we have been cleaning out, I seen this pile of antique old insulators.  So I had my daughter help me get them picked up.  I then scrubbed them all clean and just kept thinking (which does scare the ............. out of my husband) on what to do with them.  A spark of electricity hit me ( some people would probably say I was "ZAPPED").    Why not needle felt a head on top and call them my Needle Felted Insulator Buddies.  Here is the start of Aunt Harriet. 

Aunt Harriet with the face getting started

I had such a problem with this lady, Aunt Harriet.  I am still not sure about the eyes.  Her mouth was another part I worked and worked on.  I think I was just over working her.  The wool wanted to do one thing and I was trying to do something els.  The wool won out! 

Aunt Harriet
 The Very First Needle felted Insulator Buddy
Back of her head
Ok as the story goes, Aunt Harriet is Fred the Rock's Aunt on his mom's side.  Aunt Harriet and her husband own and operate the oldest  Antique Insulator Shop around.  They live in RockHead Iowa.  Fred just loves going and visiting his Aunt and Uncle.  The shop isn't to busy anymore, but they manage to stay open. 
I got to thinking about my Insulator Buddies, they would make a great pin cushion for your pins and needles, I also put one of those battery operated lights in the bottom and it twinkled so nice. 
Or Aunt Harriet also loves just sitting by my computer and chit - chatting with me.  She is just amazed by the computer, she still does everything the old fashion way. 

I will write more, but please leave comments, they mean alot to me!  Thanks for reading and Have a great weekend.  Pam