Monday, August 16, 2010

Aunt Harriet *Update*

Aunt Harriet made the front page for the week of a group I belong to.  fun_2_felt it is a yahoo group.  Now I am not real good at figuring out links.   Search yahoo groups. (fun_2_felt), Aunt Harriet will be there.

Ok I tell you, this old gal can't stay off the phone, she has called every single person that lives in "RockHead Iowa"  and is going to print off the front page of the group (fun_2_felt)  and have it framed. 
   This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her.  By the time Aunt Harriet finishes her story,I can just imagine how far fetched it will be.  She may even think she is royalty!!!!!! 
She does want to thank everyone for their comments.  I am sure you will be hearing more from her soon.

Aunt Harriet

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