Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Feltie Family

Fred,  Mo (the want a be skateboarder),Aunt Hildie, Clarence (the butterfly catcher), and Louise
                                                        This is latest pic of the family,
  When Fred went and met Aunt Hildie at the On the "Rocks" neighborhood Saloon for a drink,
 Aunt Hildie let Fred know how Uncle Chet  left her.  Now she has to run the "On the Lake Bait and Tackle  Rock Shop,by herself and on an on went her story.  But being the man Fred is he kept a smile on his face and said come with me, he knew she needed some of her blues chased away, and what better way then to talk to Louise.    So off they went, first they stopped by the newly opened Deli and corner store(I am sure more to come later), they both picked up some cold beer, bottle of Whiskey, fried chicken,potato Salad and Cold fesh water for the Mooses(that's all they drink, except for an occasional Root Beer).   Fred and Aunt Hildie then met Louise and the rest of the family at the " Prairie Rocks Park" for a great afternoon.  They then had their new friend Stanley the Explorer Pup take this pic. 
                                               All for now I know the story will continue later.   I do hope everyone enjoyed, please leave comments so I know what everyone thinks.  Thanks

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