Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More on Aunt Hildie's Mystery Man

I will bring all of you up to date on the Mystery Man, Aunt Hildie will be meeting or re-connecting with an old beau, in just a few days. 


Here he is with a little more done to his face.


Here he is taking on a little more shape, I just love the way, with every poke or adding of wool, the face takes on a whole new look.  Now hopefully if I am working in the right direction with Mr. Mystery Man my family and some close friends may be able to figure out who he is.  I am trying to give this guy some features, not all. 
Where my work table is in our farm House, is in what I call the front room, so when you come in out of the mud room, you can see my work, I have found my little guys talking to my Rock Characters, even my husband just stops and laughs or you can see him, wondering what they are thinking.  Of course I stop and talk to them everytime. 
My Needle Felted Rocks really make a great conversation piece, I am finding that out. 
More later and hopefully I can update everyone on Aunt Hildie and Fred's meeting. 
Have a good day everyone........................

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