Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Uncle Harvey The insulator Man

I just finished Uncle Harvey the insulator man.    He is Aunt Harriet's Man.
He was totally needle felted on a Hemingray clear glass insulator, a very common glass insulator. 
Uncle Harvey Zippety

Ok now you have all met Aunt Harriet awhile back.
The 2 of them have ran the "Zippety/Zappity Insulator Company"  for many years now.  It was EST. 1882 in "RockHead Iowa" .  Harvey's Great Grandparents founded the business and it has been in the Zippity family since.   Of course since the ceramic insulators have taken over in most places, there is not as much a need for his glass insulators, but he does manange to stay a float, and of course there is Aunt Harriet and her group of women friends that have started to do art on the insulators, so that has helped some too.  I do believe though Aunt Harriet just likes to get together with those gals and gossip about all the folk that live in "RockHead".   They have 2 employees and I am sure you all will be meeting them soon. 

Aunt Harriet and Uncle Harvey Zippety

I sure hope you all are enjoying all their stories, I sure do get a kick out of them.   I do believe though my family does think I have gone looney tune.:))
Now I am thinking about starting to put my Characters up for sale.  I will let you all know when I do. 
Off to work on Aunt Hildie's Mystery man, she has been whining alot to me about wanting a man and having to run the Bait and Tackle shop on her own!!!!!  Of course good old Fred wants her to find a new man  or have Chet come back, because he is getting real tired of being overly nice, even though he has been enjoying some free bait and tackle.  Also Louise is getting a little frustrated with him too.   So there will be more soon.........................................................
Catch all of you real soon.  Take Care and thanks again for reading.


Wendy Luane Barber said...

Ha, ha. What a handsome couple. Love the story and Harvey's mustached. Waiting for the next installment.

Barby Anderson said...

Pam you are doing a great job on your heads and love your stories! The characters are charming with loads of personality. I can see your soul in each one. That is what is so wonderful about felting....part of ourselves go into each creation and many times people in our lives come thru too. Happy felting!

Barby =)