Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Newest Addition Aunt Harriet

Ok I haven't been here for awhile.  Been quite busy with all the lawn mowing and kids.  It has been so Humid here in the Mid West I swear I need to mow everyday and the weeds.  Enough said, about all the non fun stuff we get to do on a daily basis.
The beginning of the Insulator
 Well, as you can see I am putting wool on an antique insulator.  I was mowing the other day, and in one of our many groves we have been cleaning out, I seen this pile of antique old insulators.  So I had my daughter help me get them picked up.  I then scrubbed them all clean and just kept thinking (which does scare the ............. out of my husband) on what to do with them.  A spark of electricity hit me ( some people would probably say I was "ZAPPED").    Why not needle felt a head on top and call them my Needle Felted Insulator Buddies.  Here is the start of Aunt Harriet. 

Aunt Harriet with the face getting started

I had such a problem with this lady, Aunt Harriet.  I am still not sure about the eyes.  Her mouth was another part I worked and worked on.  I think I was just over working her.  The wool wanted to do one thing and I was trying to do something els.  The wool won out! 

Aunt Harriet
 The Very First Needle felted Insulator Buddy
Back of her head
Ok as the story goes, Aunt Harriet is Fred the Rock's Aunt on his mom's side.  Aunt Harriet and her husband own and operate the oldest  Antique Insulator Shop around.  They live in RockHead Iowa.  Fred just loves going and visiting his Aunt and Uncle.  The shop isn't to busy anymore, but they manage to stay open. 
I got to thinking about my Insulator Buddies, they would make a great pin cushion for your pins and needles, I also put one of those battery operated lights in the bottom and it twinkled so nice. 
Or Aunt Harriet also loves just sitting by my computer and chit - chatting with me.  She is just amazed by the computer, she still does everything the old fashion way. 

I will write more, but please leave comments, they mean alot to me!  Thanks for reading and Have a great weekend.  Pam

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