Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aunt Hildie Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beautiful Aunt Hildie

Here she is finished.  She has earrings, fake eyelashes(made from eyelash yarn), she does have a bun in the back of her head, with a couple of hair picks. 
Aunt Hildie is back, she is ready to run the Bait and Tackle shop.  She is hoping that Uncle Chet will come back to her, but in the mean time, she is hoping when Fred comes in tomorrow for his weekly Bait , she can catch his eye and at least buy him a drink at the local saloon.................  We will all have to wait for tomorrow .............................

Aunt Hildie and her future!!!!!!!

We will all just have to wait and see who this is going to be... I do know Aunt Hildie will be leaving for a Bait and Tackle show soon.  You never know who she might run into and old beau?  What a place to meet a new or should I say an old friend at a Tackle Show. 
I really don't think with all this going on Louise has much to worry about with Fred.  Do you? 

More Soon, Please make sure to leave me comments. 

Aunt Hildie Coming Together

Aunt Hildie

Here she is coming together, got her lips on,some shading done.  Aunt Hildie is becoming a very happy woman.  Let me tell you, she has got a story.  At first she didn't care how she looked when she went to work at the Bait and Tackle Shop today, but then she got it together and and wanted to look good.  
So here we go............................

Aunt Hildie getting hair

Ok now she wasn't sure of the hair style she wanted, she has some grey hair.  She really wanted to look good for Fred to come in, he always comes in on Sunday and gets his bait for the week.   Hildie knows all about Louise, but is hoping fred would notice her(just like you couldn't)!  everyone knows that Uncle Chet left her as the story goes, or she drove him nuts...................  So now the bait shop is her's to keep going. 
Poor girl, a couple days ago, she was just going to come to the bait shop with her hair in curlers  and didn't really care how she looked. 
Aunt Hildie made a stand, took her last swig of Whiskey (of course it was on the rocks), put on her makeup ...................
More to come later tonight   :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aunt Hildie Starting to take Shape

Here she is taking on more facial shape, boy oh boy is she complaining at me now, can't wait to get her done, so Fred can meet her.
Aunt Hildie Taking Shape

Ok Aunt Hildie looks real goofy now, it is just the start of her face. Poor thing doesn't even have an upper lip yet.   I did get her teeth done,so far she hasn't gotten lipstick stuck on them.

 Boy I tell you the way she speaks about Fred and his tackle, you would think she has a crush on him, he better watch out. Aunt Hildie is twice the woman Louise is. I mean that literally!! More later............

Well, that brings everything up to date on my Needle Felted Rocks,  They do make great paperweights.  I laugh every time I walk by them and my 7 year old daughter, made my evening the other night, "Mom Those are the best ROCKS I have ever seen". 
So I hope everyone will leave comments for me, so I can see who likes or what I need to improve on.  Or you can always just stop by and say Hi.  Take Care and will Blog more tomorrow.
Good Night
Grandma Moose  (Pam)

The beginning of Aunt Hildie / Needle Felted Prairie Rock

Ok I wanted to show all of you what I start with to do my rocks. This rock has been scrubbed and dried the size is 4" tall and about 10.5" around. Each rock is different in size. The back of this rock is flat.

Now I have taken wool batting and covered my rock by using a felting needle and carefully poke it to fuse the wool together. I poke sideways of course(ya can't poke through a hard rock, even though I have tried many times). Now the wool will still move some until I start to build up wool on the rock. 
This is where if you can believe it, I named her. 
Aunt Hildie coming to life

Now I have started to form nose(I'm still not happy with it). Started the mouth. I kind of do things backwards. I started to learn how to do faces from a DVD, that I bought from

Kay Petal from her web site www. Felt,

Kay does awesome sculpting with wool. (you all need to go look at her work).

I have learned alot from her and am still learning.  I have a long ways to go, but having fun.
Now back to Aunt Hildie,she does not look like much yet,none of you would believe her story. Just wait, I think good old Fred will probably want to stay at the lake! :)  She does run the corner Bait and Tackle shop.  But we all know Fred talks and talks and knows nothing(but he thinks he knows it all).  That is probably why Louise loves him so much.  More later .................................

My First Needle Felted Prairie Rock Friends

I have never Blogged before so please bare with me.  I'm new to Needle Felting but I can say I just love it.  I felted 2 Mooses about a year ago, and then haven't had time to continue with it. 
This summer we had the friendly neighbor farmer drop off rock for landscaping, that they picked from their fields,(I am sure they jump at that chance, anywhere to get rid of it). 

1 of my grown daughter was helping do the landscaping, I got to talking to her about the DVD I received from Kay Petal.  ( on funny faces. 
Diva Louise and Fred the Fisherman(minus his Hat)
I thought why not needle felt a rock !  (isn't like I have a shortage of rocks). So I scrubbed a rock and started needle felting it. 
Ok now the fun starts.  My 4 year old said "Mom I want you do a purple face, well I used some wool I received from a friend of mine and dyed it with Kool-aid and ended up with a blue purple.(I don't know how I got that color).  All the wool I used on Louise I dyed except for the white,brown and black colors. 
The earrings came from my old stash and then I used a jewel and put that in her nose. 

Miss Louise has quite the story, she is quite the Diva.  She can chase the blues away,would make a great paperweight.  Our 6 year old son was having a fit, I told him he better stop, cause Louise was going to chase his blues away!!!!  He started laughing so hard at her, he forgot what he was mad about,and ran off to play.
Well, she wanted a man so came Fred.  Now he was needle felted from wool I bought from ,except for his eyebrows and moustache, they were felted in with a blend I bought from Ebay of silk and angora rabbit.  
Louise is very proud of Fred.  To hear their story you can go to and search Grandma Moose Designs.  Let me tell you Fred has got alot of Fish Stories and good old Louise has made Martini's for them and she just sits back and sigh's while listening to all his tall fishing stories .

So I decided I wanted to keep making Needle felted Rocks,   so I asked my friends what can I call them, and we do live on the Prairie and in farming country.  So that is how Prairie Rock Friends were created.  I do hope to start selling them soon.  Will keep everyone updated. 

Now lets get to my 3rd Rock I have taken pictures from the beginning to where I am at now. 
But before I catch everyone up to the present I need to go put my munckins to bed.