Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aunt Hildie Starting to take Shape

Here she is taking on more facial shape, boy oh boy is she complaining at me now, can't wait to get her done, so Fred can meet her.
Aunt Hildie Taking Shape

Ok Aunt Hildie looks real goofy now, it is just the start of her face. Poor thing doesn't even have an upper lip yet.   I did get her teeth done,so far she hasn't gotten lipstick stuck on them.

 Boy I tell you the way she speaks about Fred and his tackle, you would think she has a crush on him, he better watch out. Aunt Hildie is twice the woman Louise is. I mean that literally!! More later............

Well, that brings everything up to date on my Needle Felted Rocks,  They do make great paperweights.  I laugh every time I walk by them and my 7 year old daughter, made my evening the other night, "Mom Those are the best ROCKS I have ever seen". 
So I hope everyone will leave comments for me, so I can see who likes or what I need to improve on.  Or you can always just stop by and say Hi.  Take Care and will Blog more tomorrow.
Good Night
Grandma Moose  (Pam)

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Kay Petal said...

Those heads rock!!! Congrats on your new blog.