Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aunt Hildie Coming Together

Aunt Hildie

Here she is coming together, got her lips on,some shading done.  Aunt Hildie is becoming a very happy woman.  Let me tell you, she has got a story.  At first she didn't care how she looked when she went to work at the Bait and Tackle Shop today, but then she got it together and and wanted to look good.  
So here we go............................

Aunt Hildie getting hair

Ok now she wasn't sure of the hair style she wanted, she has some grey hair.  She really wanted to look good for Fred to come in, he always comes in on Sunday and gets his bait for the week.   Hildie knows all about Louise, but is hoping fred would notice her(just like you couldn't)!  everyone knows that Uncle Chet left her as the story goes, or she drove him nuts...................  So now the bait shop is her's to keep going. 
Poor girl, a couple days ago, she was just going to come to the bait shop with her hair in curlers  and didn't really care how she looked. 
Aunt Hildie made a stand, took her last swig of Whiskey (of course it was on the rocks), put on her makeup ...................
More to come later tonight   :)

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