Thursday, July 29, 2010

The beginning of Aunt Hildie / Needle Felted Prairie Rock

Ok I wanted to show all of you what I start with to do my rocks. This rock has been scrubbed and dried the size is 4" tall and about 10.5" around. Each rock is different in size. The back of this rock is flat.

Now I have taken wool batting and covered my rock by using a felting needle and carefully poke it to fuse the wool together. I poke sideways of course(ya can't poke through a hard rock, even though I have tried many times). Now the wool will still move some until I start to build up wool on the rock. 
This is where if you can believe it, I named her. 
Aunt Hildie coming to life

Now I have started to form nose(I'm still not happy with it). Started the mouth. I kind of do things backwards. I started to learn how to do faces from a DVD, that I bought from

Kay Petal from her web site www. Felt,

Kay does awesome sculpting with wool. (you all need to go look at her work).

I have learned alot from her and am still learning.  I have a long ways to go, but having fun.
Now back to Aunt Hildie,she does not look like much yet,none of you would believe her story. Just wait, I think good old Fred will probably want to stay at the lake! :)  She does run the corner Bait and Tackle shop.  But we all know Fred talks and talks and knows nothing(but he thinks he knows it all).  That is probably why Louise loves him so much.  More later .................................

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