Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update on Aunt Hildie and Fred

Good morning, I haven't heard from Aunt Hildie yet, on her and Fred's meeting will let you all know when I find out.  I have been working on the Mystery Man some.  Aunt Hildie will meet him at the Bait and Tackle Expo.  Also be looking for Stanley The Explorer pup. 

                                                Here is  the start of Aunt Hildie's mystery man
MYSTERY MAN pic 1-- start of nose


MYSTERY MAN pic 2 start of mouth

Now when you see my character faces on rocks or even just my felting, even when I am doing a Moose, I do the nose first.  A little story behind that,  when my one son was little my Mom crochet him a Kermit the frog.  He loved his frog, slept with it and Kermit went everwhere we went.  Well poor Kermit had a problem with his nose it would go into the yarn and we would have to pull it back out (french knots).  He would say, "Mom Kermit can't breathe, he has to have a nose!"  He would even be sound asleep and wake up screaming and we would have to fix him, Grandma told him many times she would fix him, he would say "NO, Thats the way he is and he is mine!" 
He told everyone that you have to have a nose first,if your not breathing your not alive. 
So every time I make anything with a nose I always start with the nose and move on from there.
We still have Kermit 26 years later and yes his nose is out and working.

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