Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Benny" My newest Rock Head

It has been awhile for me, since my last blog.  Let me tell you my Rock Friends and Insulator Buddies are letting me know that.  I have been busy getting the little ones ready for school and helping my Mom with her house.   My time has really been spread thin.  But all these life andventures have given more ideas for my guys.  I hope to be able to do more needle Felting now,  I finally have my mornings to myself again. YAH!  YAH!

Here he is my newest Needle Felted "Rock Head" 
Benny "Tough Guy"

Benny likes to think of himself as an adventurer, he loves his Motorcycle and could just ride and ride.    He came to "Stone Valley MN" to visit his friends and good old Fred the Fisherman.  Well, Aunt Hildie seen him and her eyes just popped.  Benny stopped in at "On the Lake Bait and Tackle Shop", to get a cold drink and he had his swagger going on. 
 Well, we all know how lonely Aunt Hildie has been since Uncle Chet left.   Fred thought it would be great if Benny would help Hildie out for awhile at the bait shop. 
 He did need a job, before he he could even start out on his new Adventure or  even make it back to "RockHead IA" where he is from.   (Fred knew this, Aunt Harriet had called).
This young man Benny could really be a big help with Fall coming with all the cleaning and getting ready for the winter. 
Aunt Hildie loved the idea!! 
Oh my Benny started right in on his stories and we all thought Fred had stories. 
All of sudden Benny sees Mandy Rockwell.  She is new to town, came from "RockHead IA" .  She is the owner of the "Diamond in the Rough"  Beauty Salon in town.
Oh my he walked on over to her Salon, he started with his smooth talking.................., next thing we all knew she was giving him his new do!!!!!

Side view of Benny
You will be meeting Mandy Rockwell real soon.  She is a insulator buddy.  But I do believe we will be hearing alot more from her and Benny in the near future.  Poor Aunt Hildie ever time she gets smitten on a man, they just seem to not notice her.  So  I wonder where her mystery man is ???????????
Please let me know what you all think of Benny and my stories.  I would love feedback.  Thanks and everyone take Care until next time...........

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Kari said...

I love Benny! I also enjoy your creativity and admire the way you take the rocks in your path and put smiles on them.

I hope you don't mind that I linked to you today

You inspire me.