Friday, September 17, 2010

Miss Diva Mandy RockWell

I am never able to get 2 done in one week, with the little guys in school I can can work in the mornings now. 
Benny wanted all of you to see and meet his new gal, Mandy Rockwell.  She is the new owner of the "Diamond in the Rough" Beauty Salon in "Stone Valley MN".     Mandy comes from "RockHead  IA". 
Benny was her first customer since opening the doors.  She is quite the Diva.  Benny is quite smitten by her, and she just thinks he is the coolest "Rock Head" around.     Her parents are quite well known in "RockHead  IA".  Her Dad is the Dr. in town and her Mother owns the only Clothing Boutique there. 
Mandy Rockwell
 Aunt Harriet is the one that thought Mandy should move up to MN but she had Fred in mind to be her guy.   Mandy just can't quit smiling when Benny is around.    Mandy is a very colorful gal and is way to high maintence for good old Fred.   So I do believe her and "Tough Guy Benny" are a good match.  She just started giggling when Benny said, "you want to go on an Adventure with me."  You can just imagine the rest of his smooth talking and STORIES.  
Benny and Mandy
So as the story goes, Mandy loves her new job as the owner of the "Diamond in the Rough" Beauty Salon and as a bonus she got a new man too.  
 Mandy will be looking for help in the Salon, you just never know who will pop up next...................................  Take care Everyone until next time.

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