Monday, November 29, 2010

My New Ornaments/ Snowmen

Everyone should know me by now, that I thrive on trying to needle felt on different forms.  Well awhile back I had purchased glass ornament balls to decorate.  In packing and cleaning things out to move into our new house, I found them.  A light bulb went off, or as Uncle Harvey would say I zapped with lightening. 
I decided what fun it would be to needle felt on them.  So I decided to start with Snowmen and Ladie's. 

This ball is 1.5" in diameter/ I added sparkle inside

I set the glass ball in my small vise.  My next step was I had to glue a piece of wool to the top, or it wouldn't have stayed in place.

Wool glued to top

After drying I began to felt, I then felted the rest of my Snowman or should I say Snow Lady "Miss Bea" in a very soft Merino. 

"Miss Bea" the Snow Lady She looks a little like a duck here, and boy she did not like me saying that to her.  So I quickly kept working and shaping until I was satisfied with her.

"Miss Bea"
She looks so cuddley and soft, now I dyed the purple with food dyes and Kool aide.  My 4 year old named her and of course help with the purple dying.

Well, Bea got my mind a moving, so I have made a couple of other little snowmen and they will be going up for sale with a few others, They just come to life and each have their own personality.    So I thought I would give you all a peek of my snowmwen.

Meet Pete, Bea and Toby

I took this pic this afternoon outside when it first started to snow here in Minnesota, can't complain our first storm so far this season!

Those 3 just loved the snow and tried to get Franklin the Turkey out to play , but he said no way. 

Pete showing his pipe

Mr. Toby 

Now I tried and tried to get rid of the extra pic of Pete but I just can't, it took my blog once then he was inside some of my other pic's.  So I  just left him alone, what a character, he really likes being in the lime light!

All three of these guys and some more friends this week will be listed on Ebay for sale.  I will let you all know when, I was hoping for today, but I have a sick little girl so she comes first.  So hopefully tomorrow, cause these guys are just a itching for an winter adventure.   Thanks again for stopping by everyone Take care until next time..............................


Kari said...

So cute! Enjoy the snow!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Ha, Ha!!! Way too cute! I love them and I like how your creative mind works.

AnnieSantiago said...

What a CUTE idea!

Marcia said...

I love your little snowpeople...they are really sweet. Are you doing a pattern or instructions for these to purchase? I am very new to this and what I have done I love.