Monday, November 29, 2010

Franklin and Fred's New Friend

A couple of weeks ago my oldest daughter brought over a boy named Stanley(shhhh he is made of paper).  He was a project for a friend of her's son and he had to go traveling.  Well Amy thought cool Mom and Dad are getting the new house put in and she brought our grandson's over to watch, so along came Stanley.   Our 3 little guys thought he was just great.   So I then thought boy Fred loves to talk and Franklin will do just about anything right now so I had those 2 guys show him around and explained to him about the house, being set on the basement. Fred just sat and told Stanely tons of tall fishing stories, and the only thing Franklin could keep saying was I have been pardoned!!!!!! They then all decided that it would be cool to be friends forever, The 3 of them were so glad they had met, because friends do come in all shapes and sizes.  Stanley even got to spend the night, but had to leave the next morning after breakfast, before he returned home he had a few more stops to make.  
I thought this was a great project that a teacher had put together for her class, I am not sure what school Stanley was from or what Town, but it didn't matter my 3 little guys  and my 2 grandsons were having a great time with him, on where could Stanley go, what would he or could he do.   I will tell you all a little secret all of us adults were laughing, giggling and really having fun with Stanley too. Stanley really brought this family together for laughs, so Stanley Thank you.   My rocks also just just thought he really rocked!!!!!!  

Stanley with Franklin and Fred

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ruthperez22 said...

stanley is from luverne mn. thats a neat little story. thanks for sharing