Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet Mr. Franklin Rock-Turkey

Here is my very first Rock Turkey and also my very first attempt at making a Double Rock Character.  Franklin was so much fun to make, here is a pic of him finished.  Now I have been told he looks like he has attitude.  Well let me tell you, he DOES!  I am not sure if that came from me pulling his head off many times to try to get it placed right, or redoing his beak, so it would open and close. 

Mr. Franklin Rock-Turkey

Ok, now that you see him, see his attitude!  Oh ya its there.  He found out last night he is going to be a guest at our daughter's house for Thanksgiving, he is so honored to be part of the centerpiece,and get a full pardon.  It has gone to his rock hard head.

Franklin's Body
Now his body was needle felted to this rock, this happenes to be an average rock,nothing special to it, but to us it is.  This rock was 1 of the many thousand that were delivered to our place for our new basement that were placed under the floor.  So the kids and I went down in the hole and picked out a few rocks for me to felt on. 

Franklin Neck and Head Rock

Franklin and his neck with head Rock

Ok, I have been asked how did I get his head rock attached, well I first of all took one of my many egg's that Kay Petal from Felt Alive ( has you make for legs (in her videos) and I have alot of egg's in my food baggie to spare. That is also what I used for his legs and then built up from there.   I then attached that to the top of his body,I then  found a smaller rock,with a good flat side and this one I felt had a bit of a beak shape to it.  I then took wool and wrapped it to the bigger piece to attach both pieces, slowly and not to thick.


Here he is, with all his rocks attached.  He stands 5.5 inches tall.  The pic's make him look quite a bit bigger,I just love those close ups, but then again my little people just love to have their pic's taken.  Look he is actually smiling here!  He was so happy here I was done pulling his head off and on.

Franklin was done with a new wool that I purchased from Patti at Dream Felt ( I just love her wool.  I feel this Chestnut brown really helped bring him to life.  Now the back tail I dyed merino wool roving with food dyes. 
The needles I used to felt him with, were some new ones I purchased from Kay Petal at (  They are her Super Duper Double Needles.  They are the best for needling on my rocks, can't wait to try them on an insulator.  I DID NOT BREAK A SINGLE NEEDLE, felting Franklin!!!!!!  Now that was a first.  My rocks and I just love them.

Side View Franklin
Here he is, just enjoying the fall temp.'s and the afternoon breeze,he is so relaxed, knowing he will be here to meet  Santa Claus.  What a Life.

I do love this picture, a lot of  day-dreaming could go on here.

I am going to try to blog later this week on our new home we are in the process of getting done, it has just been a very busy time for us here, but so much fun. 
Please let me know what you all think of Mr. Franklin Rock-Turkey! 

To Everyone  Happy  GOBBLE, GOBBLE or as I was so reminded Franklin  says, COBBLE, COBBLE!  (you know Cobble Stone).   I love it.
Take Care until next time....................... 


Kay Petal said...

Very Nice!!

Kari said...

Soooo adorable! I could just eat him up!

AnnieSantiago said...

I just LOVE this guy! But how the heck did you keep from breaking your needles on the rock??? Magic?