Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miss Ursula The Witch

I was finally able to finish my very 1st Witch Rock Head.  Ursula really "Rocks".  My girls just love her.  Ok she measures 7" inches tall where her hat bends.  Ursula wanted light up eyes, since Jethro gets to blink all the time. 
 I knew I didn't want to use Christmas lights, so I asked my hubby.  We came up with wiring LED's to her.  Have I learned alot about wiring, probably more than I will ever use, but it was fun working together again to figure something out. 
 It has also given me some ideas on new projects.  The green wool I dyed with my 4 year old's help and then she wanted her to have a purple hat(purple is her favorite color)  so we together dyed the wool.  I was brave and let my little one mix up the Kool-Aide and add some food dye to it. 
Step 1 the "Rock"
 I will never/ever be able to come up with that color again.  Now my oldest child that is married her favorite color is purple too, so those 2 girls can fight over who gets Ursula!  But my little one also named her"Ursula".    She started out as a Rock.  I was so excited for this rock where the chin goes the rock went narrow.

Miss Ursula Finished

Here she is all finished!  I have no idea what she has planned, but Ursula can't wait for Halloween to be here.

Ursula Lit Up

Here she is with her eyes showing through, the kids just love this.  I used red LED's but they do look glowing, a red/orange.   Honestly she looks right through me!  When I am felting someone with light up eyes I light them up when I felt the eyes in, so we are constantly chit/chatting.  You should see the looks my family gives me, or they are always saying , did you need something?  Thank goodness my Rocks haven't answered me yet, or have they?

Jethro and Ursula

Just look at Jethro he really thinks that Ursula is COOL!!!!!!!  He just can't quit smiling and she is really acting witchy towards him.    I think they make a cute pair.  What do you all think? 

Both these guys have been quite fun to make, they both took me a little longer than probably they should have. 
You see Halloween is very hard on me, my only sibling (brother) passed away on that day, and it will be 22 years this year.   But over the years I have coped in many different ways, by sewing my little ones we adopted their costumes, to trick or treating with my grandsons.  I enjoy all that, because my brother lives on in each and everyone of those kids, my one grandson is named after him(what and honor). 
What I am getting at is this Needle Felting is quite a wonderful Therapy for me, this is the first year I have really seen my Mom and husband laugh over Halloween, I mean really laugh!  So doing something like Needle Felting (for me) or something you like to do, and has a tie to a hard time in your life can really help you cope with that event or push you higher and work through it, is quite a wonderful feeling.  A friend of mine, that also runs a great group for us that have adopted kids with disabilities, in her own way inspired me, to do something for me.   Thank you Kari.

Thank you Ursula and Jethro.  They will always lite up our lives.! 

Ok now back to smiles on my blog, that is what everyone comes here for, me included. 
You all remember Uncle Harvey one of my insulator buddies. 
We were at the Gas Station this past Morning and my little guy goes to his 1 sister hey look there is Mom's "Uncle Harvey".  The man had a handle bar moustache and did look some like him.  But this Mom turned red and just smiled.........................
Please let me know what you think of Ursula.   
Thanks again for reading my blog.  Stay with me, cause I have some exciting news to share with everyone soon......................... 
Take Care until next time.............


Kay Petal said...

Needle felting is an amazing craft - it is therapeutic for me - in so many ways. Wise of your friend to suggest you do something for you! And I can't tell you how HAPPY I am that needle felting was that something you chose! I'm so glad it is helping to fill your family with laughter during a tough time! Laughter is truly the best medicine. And Ursula is still freaky! But I love her!

Kari said...

These are soooo cool! You are very creative and I'm so glad you are using your talents to delight the trick or treaters in your community.

I didn't realize it was this time of the year when your brother died. I know you miss him and I want you to know I am lifting you in prayer today.