Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

I have received numerous E-mails from some of my followers with my blog and wondering where my next "Rock Head" is.   First of all I want to Thank everyone on wondering where my friends and I have gone.
Well, I will tell you all a little secret, back in July of this year we started a big project of putting a new house on our acreage with a walkout basement.  Most of you all know we adopted 3 of our little grandkids and my Mom has been living by herself since we lost my Dad 3 years ago today.  So Mom sold her home and is now living with us.  So my husband, Mom and I decided it was best if she moved in.  So as my husband calls it the "Mother in-Law Suite".  We put the walkout basement in so she wouldn't feel closed in with her little dog.  The work began, and Uncle Harvey has helped along the way,and so has Benny and this next year you will be meeting a couple of insulator buddies that run The Country Home Planner.    I am hoping they will be able to help Mom with her planning of the Suite out. 

Now with the help of Santa and his Elves, Mrs. Clause has even brought a meal to us we have been putting in long hours,painting,cleaning,sewing curtains and getting the kids rooms together, Santa asked for our help.  Well, I thought I could help, boy am I learning quick I am no spring chicken!  But Santa asked and we wanted to help him out, his plan is to surprise the kids Christmas morning with their new rooms!!!!!!  

The day the House was set
 It has been a hard thing not to let them go over there, you see the new house is set only about 100 to 150 yards away from the old farm house we live in now.

The second half of the front

We purchased a Pre-Fab,(Modular home) very nice and well built.  Couldn't have asked for nicer people, work men and women all the way around.

Back side the day the house was set

Boy does this picture look nice.  NO SNOW!  Now the ground is just white, but the windows are in and alot more work has been done on the inside, I bet everyone of you are very jealous though, we will have MUD in the spring, I just can't wait. 

So I have had no time for felting or anything else, but I do believe this going to be well worth it, for the whole family.  It has been amazing how everyone came  together to help us.  From the Septic being put in down to the plumbing being hooked up and the furnance.  We have had some friends along the way come by and lend a hand,  A big Thank you to all and to everyone here in Cyber- Space that wanted to make sure my "Rock Heads" are still going to be around. 
OH did I forget to mention to, that we designed part of our huge walk in closet into a workroom for me, with a window and computer hook ups and I can even hook up my T.V..  If you look at the back of house pic on your right side the last window in the top part of the house is my workroom!  I am excited to get that put together after Christmas. 
Do remember that the Country Home Planner's will be here first thing in 2011.

So everyone, Have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!!  Take Care and make sure to check back in January for my newest creation. 

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Kay Petal said...

Congratulations, Pam! What a lovely new home and work space you have.