Tuesday, April 26, 2011




Hello My name is Tammy Tulip

Just a "Ray of Sunshine" 

Tammy is quite the girl.  She loves spring.  Its not to hot, so her hair doesn't frizz in the humdity,her lipstick stays looking good.  She can go walking everyday, Flower gardening is her passion.   She just loves to plant flowers and tell everyone else how to do it too!  But she has such a sweet and loving attitude, no one seems to get irrated by her.  But I not sure how many people actually listen  to her either.  Tammy doesn't care, she is off to talk to the next person. 

Side View of Tammy

Now let me let you all, she is pretty proud of her booty, and how she stays in shape.  She walks everyday and is constantly waving.  Now where Tammy lives is Rural, so she has to walk a mile or 2 to the next neighbor.   

She does love to go to town on Saturday night and play "Bingo".  You can just imagine how happy they are to see Tammy running the Bingo wheel!  

I put Tammy on our island in the kitchen and everyone that walked by for the past couple of days,
 started talking to her.  Oh was she in Heaven, smiles from ear to ear.  I am getting a little worried she might start an advice column! 
Could you just see that and the topics!   Next thing I know she will be twittering,  I had to put her away when she started talking to the head of Security about a Neighborhood B-Que and if Tommy Twister would perform. 

Tammy says,
BYE! BYE! until next time. 

If I know her she will be back real soon.  
I am going to do a little blog on the making of her and what I used to make her clothes too.  
Take care and again thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed. 


Kari said...

Love the booty!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love her! The booty is great!