Friday, July 8, 2011

Max and his very Interesting Family Story

WOW!  I looked at when I posted Tammy Tulip's blog, and that was at the end of April of this year.  Boy does time fly by.  I have been so busy, we first of all spent pretty much all the month of May with Dr. appt.'s with the kids and then we had Pre-School graduation! and school was out.  We have been working on our new house pretty much non stop.  We have gotten some landscaping done, but boy oh boy the humidity is back!  If you don't know Minnesota is pretty famous for HUMIDITY!  I do believe as we age it gets harder to stay outside during the day.

I finally after so long I finished my Needle felted Rock Head that lives in a Tree. 
 Max is an old man that lives in a tree on his lake, he loves to tell fishing stories, while all his friends gather around to fish or just relax. 
Clarence the Moose, Henry and Max all spending a relaxing day at the lake
 All of his buddies sure did enjoy themselves that day.  A couple of evenings later Tommy Twister of the Rockin Rock Tornados stopped by with Tammy Tulip and they all sat around and sang songs.
Tammy Tulip, Tommy Twister and Max

I had so much fun and laughs making Max,here is a pic of him by himself


Now some of you that read this and see Max will say, WOW she has really gone of her rocker, a head in a tree, or some may say cool, or maybe even that is one of the different things I have seen done.  I love all of those comments! 

My own family even just smiled at me and said OK Pam!  I even looked at Max and thought where did I come up with this idea Needle Felting a Rock Head in a tree and then put a solar light on top,so at night you could see where you were going. 
Guess what Max had and has a purpose  1 week ago today SW Minnesota had some terrible storms and as my middle little guy says "Mr. Mean Tornado" came he took my barn, my Dad's beautiful tree and left me my camping chair and my family.  My older girl stated look Mom Max is lit up on your desk now we can see until they turn our lights on. 
Max was a friend in a tree at just the right time!  You do know pottying is pretty important stuff and girls can't potty outside by trees.    We lost a lot of trees on that afternoon, but I betcha we will be making a lot of friends with some. 
The kids now love to set Max outside during the day and charge his solar battery and bring him in at night for a sense of Security. 

Max Charging for his evening time!

There was a lot of damage for alot of families and businesses all over on that day, but by the grace of god no one was hurt. 
For my family we will be fine and clean up will be long, with Family and friends we will re build a barn and oh yes more landscaping after the MUD!  :)

Just think about how on those days when we all have lost electricity,how a small friend with his light would be comforting.  I never dreamed that Max would be a hit with the kids, but he takes no batteries or electricity, just UV rays or sun.  He also doesn't care if they are crying, mad or upset. 
Once again as always he has a smile on his face.

I do hope to be able to Needle felt again soon, I miss it dearly.  Please do let me know how you like Max even if you think he is Kooky!  :) 
Take Care Everyone Until next time ..............................


Kay Petal said...

Pam!! What a touching story. And how cool that Max was the light in the storm. I'm so glad you are all ok - the rest is just stuff. And a lot of work, but Max and all of the other magical characters will be cheering you on (they may even help when you aren't looking!)

Grandma Moose said...

Kay, Thank you for your comments they mean alot to me! Yes I do agree these little Characters are quite Magical and seem to show up when they need too. Take Care Pam

Annie said...

Oh MY! I'm so sorry about the damage but so happy you are ok!

Grandma Moose said...

Annie, Thank you!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

I love Max and the story of everyone meeting by the water and listening to the band. Way cool.

Grandma Moose said...

Wendy, Thank you!