Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grandpa Ernie

Grandpa Ernie

Ok now Grandpa Ernie has gotten your attention, or you are all thinking what in the poo............. am I doing now! 

I belong to this really Cool Workshop on line, and Kay Petal the owner has these challenges for her members, so much fun, you can learn needle felting from her and get advice from and support from all her members.  If you ever wanted to learn this craft of Needle Felting this is where you belong!  So please make sure you check it out or go to Facebook and look up The needle Felters Workshop page.

Ok back to Grandpa Ernie, the Challenge was to make a head and put it in a jar.  Basically the idea came from the adult Cartoon "Futurama".  Well I never had seen this Cartoon before, so I watched it one night and decided this would be a  fun Challenge. 

After "Mr. Mean Tornado" had come and gone, we were cleaning out what used to be where the shop was that I had all my Ceramic supplies in and I came across some water globes I had purchased years ago, now some were in tact just scattered and of course some were shattered. 
The light bulb lit up in my head, hey better than a jar I will put my head in a water globe.

Grandpa Ernie is Needle felted on 2 rocks.  One for his head and 1 for the bust.  Did you notice his eyes well they are 2 LED lights. 
Hey  he is preserved so don't think maybe his eyes may glow by now! 
I did his head in a Grey wool or its called Fun Felt and I purchased that from ( Kay Petal and Patti from Dream Felt own it,great wool. ) 
Grandpa has been perserved so he is a little on the pale side.  But he sure does have a nice smile.

As the story is told by Uncle Henry it all started on one long and hot Summer day,back in 1940 down by the old rock creek,where the fishin was always good and the water ran fast.
Grandpa Ernie was always down at the creek so no one thought anything about it when he didn't return for a few days.  The town just thought he must of snagged himself a big one or just plain ran off with the sexy old bar maid that worked  at the local saloon in town.  Back in them days it was named  The Flying Rock. 
So for years and years  that was the story.  UNTIL........................

Just the other day Uncle Henry was getting ready to go on his annual fishing trip with all his friends and there on the porch was Grandpa Ernie whistling a tune!  It was a little foggy out so Henry did take a double take, it wasn't so weird for him to see just a head as lot of his friends are just Rock Heads, but it sure was different to see one in a jar with glowing eyes. 

Grandpa and Henry

Grandpa let Henry know that back on that day he had just sat down on his favorite rock cracked open a beer and Boom!!!!!!!!! All he remembers is a big green light.  But look at Henry he doesn't care he is smiling ear to ear, Grandpa is back now he can learn all those cool fishing tricks and just maybe he might finally catch a fish!   Henry just couldn't keep this a secret and he knew no one would believe him, that his grandpa lived in a jar.
Fred,Grandpa and Harvey
Well Look at Fred he thinks this is so cool another Rock head  to tell his fishing stories too,but I don't think Grandpa is going to listen for long,once Tammy stops over!.

Fred,Tammy,Grandpa and Uncle Frank

My OH My just look at Fred,Grandpa and Uncle Frank, Boy does Tammy know how to turn the charm on.  OOH LA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now Grandpa just wants to hear all about Tammy and her fishing stories but she doesn't have any.  All she does is gossip and play bingo on Saturday nights.  Don't think Grandpa or the rest of them careand she may have some new bingo customers this Saturday!

All my helping Gnomes from Germany

Now I have these Gnomes that were sent over from Germany to help us with the clean up from the Tornado earlier this Summer,they came from a good Needle Felting Friend of mine Angela.  All of them were out working and they seen this odd looking glass ball and he was talking.  So they all took a break and came over to make sure he belonged here.  Did they get a kick out of this. Laughed and Laughed.  Can you just imagine what a bunch of little gnomes would like on top of your head with his axe!
  I am sure all my gnome friends are thinking us Minnesotans are different, well at least me!   Sure do love them though.
Tommy, Tammy and Grandpa

The fun has only just begun with Grandpa.  The whole Crew wants to have a big picinic for grandpa and have him tell them all about how he bacame a head in a water globe.  Sounds kind of Kooky and gross to me.  Oh its my story!  But then again this has been the biggest News story to hit town in a long time.  Some day soon though Grandpa does want to get to the big Museum to meet the other Heads.  "The Needle Felted Head Museum".  Betcha he will be the only "Rock Head" there. 
But I have seen some of those Heads and Grandpa's eyes are going to get brighter............  So until the Picinic when everyone comes out to meet Grandpa thanks again for reading and Everyone Take Care............... 

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Wendy Luane Barber said...

He is so wonderful. Love the story and the workings behind it. Will check out the site.