Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Grandpa Henry and his Cousin Alfred

WOW! It's hard to believe that 2011 is already gone.  The older ya get it just seems like the years fly by!  This last year was very busy for my family here in Minnesota and alot of changes from being excited over the new house to as my little kids say "Mr. Mean Tornado" made a visit on July 1st and changed all of our plans for the rest of year.  

That was O.K. sometimes it takes a jolt in your life to really make you think and then you get back in the saddle and push on. 

I didn't have much time for blogging or the "Rock Heads" this past year.  I think we finally have some things back to normal shhhhhhhhhhhh!  lets not jinx things yet. 
My "Rock Heads" had a long talk with me,about getting some Characters made.  I have had a lot of inquiries on if I am selling them yet, or I have even gotten some wonderful ideas from some of you.   So I am going to take the bull by the horns and plunge in.  A little scary for me, but exciting.  My plans are in the works so I will keep you all informed. 

I also had many of you ask how the little kids are doing, thank you.  They are all doing great and love my "Rock Heads", I do believe that this wonderful craft of Needle Felting has helped them too.  FAS is a very diffucult disability and it never goes away, and some days are very trying for us, but with all the friends I have made through Needle Felting ,our family and our friends that I call on a regular basis or call me to check in and are always there to yell at me when needed or I can vent to Thank you.! 

Cousin Alfred and Annie

It's time to get back to the fun stuff,my "Rock Heads".  Wow as many of my family and friends said to me this past Holiday Season.  I decided to do a Secret Santa gift Exchange with the Workshop that I belong to. that was started by Kay Petal and her husband,what a wonderful place on the net.  When I told my husband I had signed up for it, he just smiled and said you have to ship a "Rock Head" out for EVER!  Heck I knew that, the very first Rock Head to leave home for real!  Do you know how hard it is to part with a Character you made!  Oh I was excited but then it was oh crap is the person that receives this Rock going to like it.  So the kids and I decided that it would be cool if a cousin left home.  So Cousin Alfred was born, he ended up in New York a place I have never been.  The family that received Cousin Alfred love him, and he couldn't be happier, by the picture I have seen he is smiling. 

Well shipping him out was pretty easy, I did hire part of my summer Security team back, she did a pretty good job of it.  She even stayed awake this time. 

Moe the Moose made sure it was Cousin Alfred in the box.

As you can see Cousin Alfred watched over all he could.  Security did scare him a bit,he had heard some pretty hairy stories from some of the Rock Heads.  Gotta say She did a good job his time. 

But before he left all the "Rock Heads" had a party for him and they also wanted to wish him well,in his  new adventure.  Even my good friends from Germany came out to see him off. (They don't like their picture to be taken so all my little gnomes are on the Christmas house,look hard and you can see a few).  Those little guys (gnomes) really didn't think I had it me to send one off.  Just to make them feel at home Cousin Alfred did spend a little bit of time at the Brewery, little does he know my 3 little children were told it was a Root Beer Brewery.  Hey they believe anything I tell them.  Before Christmas I told the children that Toys 'R" Us closes to all children,hey they believed it.  

Fred and Louise did tell Cusin Alfred if he is ever back this way, to stop in and they would fix him a Martini.  Fred is just hoping for a few good fishing stories.  I am sure as the Rock Heads go they will some how stay in contact.
Here he is by our "Root Beer Brewery"  Alfred sure did have a good time visiting here.
He even made time to sit in Santa's  lap.
So that was Cousin Alfred's stay with us, he was quite busy while he was here, hopefully he was able to get some rest at his new home,before starting the New Year. 

I received the most cutest and wonderful little Gingerbread lady in the mail from an artist that lives in Alabama.  We all named her "Miss Ginger"  Well  Louise tried to make her a welcoming Martini but "Miss Ginger let her know all she drinks is milk.

Look those little gnomes came out to see Miss Ginger.  Everyone is smiling, and happy to have a new friend.
Mrs.  Claus really had a good time snuggling with Miss Ginger,just look at them they were smiling and probably swapping some good cookie recipes.

I hope you all had a great Holiday Season and have a wonderful,prosperous, and healthy New Year.  Take Care and please do let me know what you think about my "Rock Heads". 
Until Next Time ..........................


Wendy Luane Barber said...

Wow! I just got back to visiting blogs I like. It's so good to see bodies on your Rock Heads. Way cool! I love them and yes, it is hard to part with a kid. Good luck on the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Very cool Pam!!! Love it! Linda