Friday, March 30, 2012

Catching up with the Needle Felted Rock Heads

The new Group Photo

WOW!  Where has the time gone?  The "Rock heads"and I have been quite busy this past Winter, couldn't have asked for better weather out here in the MidWest! 
Now the "Rock heads" and I learned some techniques, with a new size needle that is slicker than butter on toast!,  Met some really fun and interesting needle Felters,made new friends that have really inspired me(which does help the "Rock Heads")  and some of the "Rock Heads" made new friends.  In the next few blogs I will show you all some of these. 

Right now I am going to let you all in on how this group picture of the "Rock Heads" took some doing and then with the new Facebook Timeline it wouldn't even work, so we had to take another, this one just wouldn't stretch out right,if you don't get that pic just right, you end up with a pic looking like your at the circus or fair with those mirrors!
My new security

Oh our youngest just begged and begged me if she could help with the group photo.  How could anyone turn her down?  She even made her own camera!  Pretty crafty this one, wonder if Security 1 could learn something from her?  She tried her best, those sneaky little "Rock Heads" left for Ice Cream.  So you all know I called in Security 1 to set everything up. 

Security is back

I do believe they are doing a very good job this time.  Working quite hard but the head cat "Mr. Super Jack"  is not really helping, sure does look like all he wants is tummy rubs! 

Then all of sudden I couldn't find Moe the Moose!  Here he is taking it easy on the new park bench that was just cut out.  Don't we all wish we could take it easy?

It took a better part of an afternoon just to get a picture of the group to post on the new timeline for our Facebook page.   The outcome turned out pretty good for now.

This blog to a bit to get done, I am using a different Lap Top then what I am use too. Takes a bit for me to change! 

Now here is a sneak peek at what is to come.  I have already given clues on my FB page, I am trying  to get a few items finalized.  I am getting so excited and so are the "Rock Heads". 
Watch for my next blog in the next couple of days. 
We have a lot of catching up to do!

Tammy and Moe are just excited they finally get to do ..................
Stay Tuned.  I am glad to finally be back.  Take Care and thanks again for reading. 

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