Monday, April 2, 2012

Grandpa Henry turns 1 First full Needle Felted Rock Head Doll

Grandpa Henry and Cousin Alfred

It is hard to believe its been a year since I made my first full needle felted Rock Head doll!    Grandpa Henry has stayed quite busy fishing with all buddies.  He just returned from being at the fishing Expo in "Rock Haven" NY.  I bet he is just full of some pretty good stories and new fishing gear he is going to want. 

This past Holiday season he sure was lucky to get to visit with his Cousin Alfred.  But then again Cousin Alfred was Needle Felted and then flew off to go on his own Adventure to live in NY. 
Alfred was the first needle Felted Rock Head to leave home.

Grandpa Henry and I thought we would show you a few pics of when he was made.  Henry is pretty proud of his rocks!  He does think he is the best looking Rock head around!

Grandpa Henry even had a great time backyard fishing with Clarence and Max last Summer.  I don't think they caught any fish(we didn't stock our man made pond with any fish), they sure did have fun and a lot of stories.

Now don't look at the date of my picture, that would not work in Minnesota.  Now Grandpa Henry has said he would love to learn Ice fishing, you neer know he may head up North this next Winter with some new buddies.  Oh my then we would have more fishing tales! 

Now here is a sneak peek of Tammy Tulip and Moe the Moose.  They are the new reporting team for the "Rising Pebble Newspaper"  its the brand new Rock Head paper.  The 2 of them are so excited.  Guess who their first interview will be with?  No other than Grandpa Henry!

Look at this pic on their first encounter

OOH LALA I do believe Grandpa Henry is pretty excited, Tammy Tulip the hotest Rock head in town so far is going to interview him.  Look his fishing pole even knocked him in the head.  Don't worry about Moe the Moose that little guy, he will get his say in too. 

So much more to come soon you don't want to miss the first ever Needle Felted Rock Head interview.
Until then........................  Hope you all enjoyed reading this.  I do enjoy my Needle Felted Rock Heads
Take Care


Wendy Luane Barber said...

How wonderful for Grandpa. I love your stories you put with your dolls. It does make them come alive doesn't it?

Grandma Moose said...

Wendy,Thank you very much, The stories just seem to go along with these guys. You are right they just come Alive.

sunnyteddy said...

Hi just became a fan on facebook love your creation I will be watching :) xx