Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Making of Tommy Twister

I wasn't able to finish this blog, a couple of weeks ago.  We have been so busy.   So I am going to start with Tommy.

Tommy Twister
Making of a "Rockin Rock Star"

Well, Tommy has been on the back burner for a long time now.  Back last year when I started all this Rock Needle felting,I started to keep a notebook of all my ideas and names to use.  Then towns, started popping up(or should I say in my head)! So I have everything written in this notebook, on napkins and on the back of envelopes. Well, a Facebook friend, said I should do a Rock Star,this was last summer.  I thought cool, well never did do him.  
Then I started the Rock People with Henry, and I thought very fitting for my Rock Star to be a full Rock person.

Now Like I said before he is shy- shhhhhhh about his rocks, but in dim light I got a picture of him all together and he has his guitar pinned to his body.
Tommy Put together

I have Tommy put together here, I struggled and struggled and get him to stand by himself and I have no wire in him, the joints work real well, he never would stand by himself.  But he is still happy.  Do you know how many times he sang "Rock, Rock, Rock" ?  Well, I do!!!  I think I dreamed about it too.

These are the rocks I used in the making of Tommy.  1 for his body,1 for the head the 2 are the bottom of his feet and the last one is his guitar.

Here is Tommy staring up at his chest and thinking WOW! I have a little muscle there.  I don't finish the face until I get the body done.  I am constantly playing with the size.  You know 2 head size for this an that or 1 1/2 head size.  So I use my head for measuring.  They never seem to mind, there is always a smile on their face!  Now I can't say I get the size right, but I am trying.

I should have showed you all this one first, Look Tommy is so happy with his rock chest! 

He was so much fun to make.  The laughs I got from family and friends.  But the truth be told, everyone already thinks I am crazy! 

Here is Tommy one more time competely done with his guitar.  Now a little bit about the guitar.  I used that flat rock in the body of it and then just needle felted the rest of it.  I used Jewelry wire for the strings.  and a very small crushed rock for his pick.

Thanks again for looking.  Tommy will keep rocking on.  He is looking forward to having another concert someday, before he goes on an adventure.  Remember my Security, well lets just hope they do better.

Take Care,  Until next time

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