Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet Rockin Rock "Tommy Twister"

"Good Afternoon"

I was asked by a few and teased about when would I do a Rockin Rock!  Well he was in the plans last summer, but at that time he was only going to be a head needle felted out of a rock.  But we all know how my rocks grow:)  I am first going to blog on Tommy's story and then I will post how he came to life and show his shhhh! rocks.  He is pretty quiet about his rocks!  Not a bragger.  His head is 1 rock, his manly chest is 1 rock, both feet have a flat small rock on bottom of them.  His guitar is a rock and the pick is a rock.    I used a necklace from my grandmother's old jewerly and cut it up to make him a necklace and bracelet.  She would probably say PAMELA!  and then smile at me and realize there would be nothing to say.  But Tommy really likes his jewerly! 
 My little kids picked out the colors for the guitar. 
So here he is
                                                            Tommy and Moose" Mo

My one older daughter that helps me sometimes with my stories or setting up for pic's found this rock for his rock stage!  It is prefect as you will see.  Well my little Moose Mo who by the way thinks he can ride a skateboard, all of sudden jumped on stage when Tommy was rehearsing and was busting out Moose moves my son said.
Now the first thing my husband said to me was,hey Tommy is holding his guitar backwards, well  he is not I am left handed and I made him that way(honestly shhhh I didn't even think about that until he said something,but I am not telling him that) ,So Tommy is la left handed guitar player.

Security for the Concert

So I was told the first thing you have to do is hire Security well being a week day and we do live in the Country and when I tell people I do rocks or even my little kids say "My Mom needle's rocks with wool", you really don't get much help.  So I hired or begged my daughter and the resident cat Jack to help.  Well they both fell asleep on me in the sun!  So I was on my own, I sure hope they wake in time for the concert.

WOW! What a crowd

I sure was lucky that this crowd wasn't wild and pushy.  They just all were smiling and very happy it was a sunny day day out and the snow was melting away. That stinky little Mo he made it up front of the stage again, boy he is a fast little Moose.  See the shadow off to the right, well that was my hired security, SLEEPING!   Personally I wouldn't hire them again,but you never know I am push over and they were pretty cheap.

The one and only Tommy Twister

Look at that crowd so they are so quiet listening to Tommy play and sing his jingle. So here is a little jingle my 7 ,6,5 and --- year old kids helped me with.  The head of my fine Security probably wouldn't want me to tell everyone her age.  But I honestly couldn't have done this quirky little jingle with out her.  Now I really don't know if this is a true jingle format or what, we just had fun and went with it.

"My name is Tommy Twister,I am with the  band  Rockin Rock Tornado's, I came to Stone Vally Minnesota to visit my good friend Benny.  I just learned he has aquired the "On the rocks" Saloon.  So he asked me to sing a little Jingle for you all. 

"Just look around there is a rock for everyone. 
From the oceans,to the lakes and down the rivers
to the mountains and the fields
in this great World we live.

needle it, needle it, needle it

Whenever you look down and find that one special rock,
it will always be smiling up at you

rock, rock,rock
needle it, needle it, needle it

So bring that one special rock home today!
wrap that smiling rock up in some wool
bring it to life in your own special way
but don't forget to

Rock, Rock,Rock
needle it, needle it needle it "

This jingle was put together and made up by Amanda, Megan, Dakota,April and Pam (Mom) and is for all Needle Felters and  Rock Heads (C) April of 2011

Tommy ,Henry and Clarence the Moose

Tommy ended his concert by the field where his rocks came from and and his Rockin career began. 
So the story will be tomorrow on how Tommy started, but for now I leave you all with my Rock Head 's and friends heading over to the Saloon for a nice cold drink on the rocks.
So until next time.............
Thanks again for reading and please give me feedback.  Take care Pam


Laura B said...

Rock on!!!!

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!! I love the story. Thanks for making me laugh. Love the security or lack thereof. How wonderful!

Grandma Moose said...

Thank you for your comments. Wendy,my grown daughter was a good sport to go along with her Mom on that one. Take Care Pam

Karen said...

HaHaHa Pam, that was VERY COOL and i'm sitting here laughing away. The crowd was ROCKIN, bet you had so much fun with that :)

Grandma Moose said...

Karen, Thank you! I was hoping you would like it, can't you just see your people mingling with my Rock Heads. Take Care Pam