Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Jacqueline" My Newest Needle Felted Insulator Buddy

Jacqueline Montgomery

Jacqueline is my first Insulator buddy I have finished in my new work room.  I had planned to get her "Boss" done first, but we all know what the wool can do.  So Miss "Jackie" (as she likes to be called) was born. 
When we purchased our house from Factory Home Center Inc.  in Redwood Falls MN this past year we worked with Joan and her husband Dave. They helped us with the design of the entire floor plan of our new home.  I was needling her the other day.  (During one of those lovely days we were snowed in last week! )  Dave my husband goes, Oh my she looks just like Joan!  I pulled a pic up of her and oh my I couldn't believe it, there is some resemblance, my "Jackie" as I call her is more Diva looking.
  But they both are 2 of the nicest women could meet. 

We all know "Jackie" has got to have a background story.  Well she came from Emerald Falls North Dakota way up North.  Her family the "Montgomery's" own and run the "Artic Fish Lodge".     So when  Fred and Louise showed up for the big Ice Fishing Tournament,Louise just loved the Country Look the Lodge had. 
 So while Fred was out on the ice trying to catch a fish   (Can't you just hear the ride home, with all those tall fishing stories, I am glad it is Louise and not me,  Oh I am sure she will be ready for one of her Martini's on the Rocks! ).

  Louise went on her own fishing expedition to find  Jackie.

Jacqueline Side View

She was told that Jackie was at the Lodge helping with the re-designing of the Dining Room.  When she was able to catch up with her, Louise explained about this Job she knew of with the Mason's from Cobblestone South Dakota.  Oh Jackie jumped on that opportunity to become a Country Home Designer.  A Dream come true. 
 She has been very busy with projects around Minnesota and South Dakota lately.   I even had her help me with colors on my work room. 
She got a phone call the other day for a huge project, but she is not sharing with anyone where it is only that she is traveling to the East Coast.  Louise has tried calling her many times. 
You can just imagine what cell phone service is like between Rocks and Insulators.  So until someone can touch base with her we are all in the dark on where she is off to.  But when I find out you all will be the first to know.  So the closing question is Where and what is "Jacqueline" up to......................................

Please let me know what you all think and thanks for reading Take care until next time Pam

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world of my making said...

Really wonderful. The facial expression so detailed and such great fun.