Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Uncle Frank My 2 Rock Guy Needle Felted

Meet "Uncle Frank".  I needle felted him on 2 rocks.  Yes, 2 ROCKS!!!!!!  He was quite a challenge for me at first.  But if you all remember Franklin the Turkey and yes he is still pardoned.  Was made with 2 rocks.    So I decided I would try a guy. 
Fred my  fisherman rock wanted to have a friend he could fish with and tell his tall tales too. 
So along came "Uncle Frank".

"Uncle Frank"

He is just such a happy guy.  I needle felted his shirt from Merino Pre-felt.  I was kind of nervous to use it, but it was so easy to felt, his shirt just fell into place.  He not even quite 5" tall. 

Fred getting excited

Look Uncle Frank is already laughing at Fred's stories.  Do you know how tired I am of listening to Fred's Tallllllll fish stories?  Frank he would crack a joke and then the whole thing would start over.  I finally had to put Fred away. 

Uncle Frank's Body

Well I built his neck off the little egg/ball on top.  I tell you when I was a poking and poking to put him together, he just kept smiling at me and smiling.  It did kind of give me the willies.  But I finally got it and he is very secure.  So he is ready to leave on his adventure with his nephew Fred.

Uncle frank and Fred

Remember me telling you all, that Fred and Louise are going to the Fishing Expo in "Rock Haven" New York and will be eating at Chef Bernie's Diner.  Well "Uncle Frank" has packed up and ready to go have some famous Crumb Cake.  "Uncle Frank has never been to a fishing Expo before, pretty excited.  I sure hope he let his wife know where he was going............... 
I wonder if they will run into "Tricky Eyes" and his faithful Side Kick?  I guess we will all have to wait and see.   Thanks for reading and until next time............. 
Take care Pam


Karen said...

Pam you crack me up with your stories, i love reading all about the shinanigans of your rock heads. Love em all :))))))

Grandma Moose said...

Thanks, Karen. My rocks thank you too. They think they are famous. You know being on the web! Shh we won't tell them everyone does the web thing. Honestly its a lot of fun. We all need a smile from time to time. Take Care Pam